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WIN A FREE Large Size Pokemon Time BUIZEL Plush Toy is giving away a large size Pokemon Center Pokemon Time large size Buizel plush toy. One lucky winner will receive this plush toy ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!.

My Pokemon Team

By Carl00456 My Pokemon team includes many of the main Pokemon that you find near the start of the game as they are so popular. I chose my Pokemon not based on strength or ability but on looks and attitude. All of them are above level fifty but sometimes they can get knocked out by […]

The Joys Of Pokemon Plush Collecting

By Stephanie Sartain I began collecting Pokemon plushes when I was very young. I love collecting Pokemon plushes. I have currently sixty four Pokemon plushes in my collection. Some of my plushes are very old while some are newer. The first plush I ever got was of my favorite Pokemon Pikachu. I only collect plushes […]

The Cute water Pokemon Buizel

By Stephanie Sartain Buizel is my favorite water type from the Sinnoh region. It learns great moves like aqua jet and waterfall. It was also amazing as Ash’s Pokemon in the anime. Buizel mastered the special move ice aqua jet. This move required Buizel to be hit by an ice type move like ice beam […]

A Teenager’s View On Buizel

By Matt Today’s Pokemon of the day is… Buizel! Buizel has actually been one of my favorites for quite some time. The first time I saw a Buizel was when I happened to be channel surfing. An episode of Pokemon was showing, so I decided to watch it. The episode goes like this: a Buizel […]

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