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Pokezine.com is a totally free site where you can post your articles about Pokemon. Our site is like an online magazine where you can browse through different articles.  Our site is 100% about Pokemon. If there is a certain topic that you are looking for, type in the keyword in the search box.

Help keep this site up and running. We are always looking for new material to put on our site. If you have anything to say about Pokemon, we would love to hear from you. Feel free to write an article on just about any topic of Pokemon that you wish, then just simply email us with your article and we will publish it for you so everyone can enjoy it. Our site will always be totally free. You may copy and distribute, download, disperse any of the articles on our site that you like.

Check out our other site for over 4000 Japanese Pokemon items, many of which are not found anywhere, not even on ebay. If you are looking for Pokemon plushies, figures, charms, pokedolls, plush toys, straps, deck boxes, promo cards, holofoils, or any other rare items, chances are you will find what you need.

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  • Thomas says:


    I wanted to know who won the last contest with the three plush toys.
    It says “Anonymous” on the page but why can’t we know if it’s not cheating or anything else?
    Because I share A LOT this contest and I had more than 8700 entries (lucky number 10926 associate with this mail).

    Thank you for your response by advance, Thomas.

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