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Teaching A Ditto New Tricks: How To Have A Ditto Learn New Moves

By Jill/Redterror117 Ditto is a very unique Pokemon in the games, as its entire strategy in combat is based off of cloning another Pokemon temporary for its moves and types. However it is because of this that Ditto cannot normally learn any other moves other than Transform, on the exception of cheats and hacks like […]

Metapod And Its Attacks

By Anonymous There are weak Pokemon, but there is one that is a lot similar to another species of Pokemon. This Pokemon is known as Metapod. Metapod is a bug type Pokemon and isn’t very popular to even use when you first start your Pokemon journey. Metapod is similar to, probably equivalent to Kakuna. Kakuna […]

EV training Part 1

By Jack Snell Effort Values (EVs for short) are what help determine what stats your Pokemon gain when they level up. EVs are similar to EXP in that your Pokemon will gain them when the battle finishes, but there are three key differences. Wild Pokemon give off a specific number of EVs. EVs will boost […]

Pokemon Attacks And Natures #2

By Harry Ackerman Everywhere you see articles and charts etc, on what a Pokemon’s best nature would be, but what if your Pokemon doesn’t have that one specific nature then what are some other good natures for it? In article I’ll talk about other good natures, bad ones, and some really good moves (or at […]

Pokemon Status Fx

By Anonymous Status effects, one of the many Achilles heels of every Pokemon Trainer. Regardless of how well a battle can be going for a player, it takes but a single burn or paralysis to completely thwart all his or her efforts, or to make a player’s victory. Regardless of who’s design brings statuses into […]

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