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Black and White TCG Set

This set is absolutely fantastic, for players and collectors! All “base” sets have a reputation for being groundbreaking in the competitive scene and just sought after in general. Black and White was no exception! New “extended art” ultra rare cards were introduced and they are absolutely beautiful. Being the ultra rares in the set its […]

Pokemon Noble Victories Set Review

By Kohrok Hey there Pokemon fans, welcome back to another article with Kohrok! Today, we’ll be discussing the latest US set, Noble Victories! The 101-card set was released on November 16, 2011, and it promises to be one of the best sets yet. With 5 full-art cards and a secret rare, it rounds out the […]

Emerging Powers Pre-Release

  By JC Hey guys! I’ve wanted to write a review about my Emerging Powers Pre-Release ever since I went back in September. I’ve been putting it off partly due to my forgetfulness and partly due to being busy. I’m going to start now before I start to forget all the details. This was actually […]

Emerging Powers: Top 5 Best Card Art

By Kenny Wisdom Kenny Wisdom here again, with a rundown of what I feel is the best card art in our new set, Pokemon Black and White: Emerging Powers. I don’t have a whole lot of time on my hands to write, so let’s get right down to business. #5: Watchog Unlike the next two […]

Double Dragon

By JC Hey guys! Today I’ll be doing a review over the Zekrom (47) and Reshiram (26) cards from the Pokemon Black and White Set. I’ve been pulling a lot of them from my Victini Gift Box Set, a couple of blister packs, and from the Zekrom and Reshiram tins that also come with Promo […]

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