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Pokemon Glitch City And Walking Through Walls

By Jill/Redterror117 One of the most bizarre places in the entire Red and Blue game would have to be Glitch City. Technically, Glitch City can be any of the cities that the player has visited, due to how the game handles travel in between two places. The ‘gateways’ between two places in the game is […]

How To Evolve A Pokemon In Generation I Without A Moon Stone

By Jill/Redterror117 One of the rarest kinds of items in the Pokemon series (other than the rare candy of course), evolutionary stones play a vital role in the main objective of the game, as they allow certain Pokemon to evolve where level and experience does not matter so much. There are only a certain number […]

How To Capture Safari Zone Pokemon Outside Of The Zone In Pokemon Red And Blue

By Jill/Redterror117 Fuchsia City’s Safari Zone is the focal point of the city, being the home to many rare and exotic Pokemon that cannot be found outside of its boundaries, making it a stop that must be checked out by all trainers. However unlike the outside world, the Safari Zone has a few rules of […]

Pokemon Missingno. An Overview (Part 2)

By Jill/Redterror117 This article is a continuation of “Missingno.: An Overview (Part 1)”, which follows the overview and details of one of the most well-known glitches of the Pokemon franchise. In this section, I will cover the side effects of encountering Missingno. in the game, the response that Nintendo gave when news about Missingno first […]

Pokemon Missingno. An Overview (Part 1)

By Jill/Redterror117 One of the most well-known glitches of the first generation of Pokemon games is Missingno., which is short for ‘Missing Number’. Missingno. Is a Bird/Normal Pokemon (the first type a glitch in itself) in the Red and Blue versions, and a Normal/999 (the latter also a glitch) type in Yellow. What makes it […]

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