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Censored Pokemon episodes

By TokoyamiTheDark Everyone knows that Pokemon had some censored episodes for many reasons, some being insane. The thing is, some episodes were censored for silly reasons, but I’ll list all banned Pokemon episodes so far as well as the reasons why : 1 – The Beauty and the Beach : This episode was not necessairly […]

Ash’s Tauros

By Anonymous Fans of the Pokemon anime have surely noticed that, when Ash visits Professor Oak’s lab or when an episode is featured there, Tauros roam en mass. The Pokemon belong to, as one may have assumed, Ash. The question though is where did they come from? Most would assume he caught them on that […]

Pokemon Azelf

By Anonymous In the Sinnoh region there are legendaries, just like other regions. Legendary Pokemon are special Pokemon that usually only one exist of each species. They have ancient powers used in the past to help in peace in the Pokemon World. In the Sinnoh region there is a trio, just like in the other […]

Ash’s New Friends

By Carl00456 I didn’t like the character Cilan from the Pokemon Black and White anime at first, but he seems to have grown on me. His small eyes and green hair made me jump to conclusions and think he was going to be another Pokemon trainer that I wouldn’t care about, but his personality shines […]

The Cute water Pokemon Buizel

By Stephanie Sartain Buizel is my favorite water type from the Sinnoh region. It learns great moves like aqua jet and waterfall. It was also amazing as Ash’s Pokemon in the anime. Buizel mastered the special move ice aqua jet. This move required Buizel to be hit by an ice type move like ice beam […]

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