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Emolga The Irresistible! Summary And Review

By JC Hey guys! Today I will be summarizing and reviewing the 24th episode of the Pokemon Black and White series. In the previous episode, Ash earned his third gym badge by defeating Burgh in a 3-on-3 gym battle. The show beings with a trio of Patrat bouncing on a tree limb to yield some […]

How To Counter The Metagame

By PKG In the Pokemon Card Game, some hardcore players will use the word “metagame.” Basically the metagame includes all the amazing cards and decks currently in the tournament legal format. People say the metagame changes whenever a new expansion is released or when a killer strategy is produced by the game’s players. As of […]

Kyurem: Tech + Main Attacker

By: Brian Hsieh With the release of Noble Victories arriving soon, many have their eyes on one Pokemon; Kyurem. Kyurem is an ice and dragon type. In Pokemon card form that translates to water type. Ice Pokemon featured in the Pokemon Black and White sets have displayed a weakness to steel type, an attempt to […]

Basic Pokemon Tool: Eviolite

By: Brian Hsieh Eviolite is found in the fifth generation of the Pokemon games. It raises the special defense and defense of a Pokemon if that Pokemon is capable of evolving. This gave card creators a chance to insert it into the metagame. While keeping its defensive traits, this card differs from the actual item […]

New Pokemon Information Regarding Championship Events

By Kohrok Hey Pokemon Players! Kohrok here with another awesome article with Hardrock-Pokemon. As you may know, we’re heading into the meatiest part of this year’s tournament schedule for the Pokemon TCG, with Regionals the second weekend of November, City Championships running through December and January, State Championships after that, Spring Regionals, and of course, […]

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