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The Regis And Ancient Pokemon of Hoenn

By Anonymous The Regis Regis is a term used to name the three legendary golem Pokemon of the Hoenn region. Regirock, the rock type golem Pokemon, is defensive and powerful. Regice, the ice type golem Pokemon is powerful and packs a chilling punch. Registeel, the steel type golem Pokemon is powerful. To sum all of […]

Rate My Poke Plush – iPhone – iPod Application for the Pokemon Plushie Enthusiast

Over the years we’ve all been collecting Pokemon Plushies but sadly many just sit in the corner of my bed or lay on shelves never to see the light of day. I was searching the Apple store one day when I found this really cool new app called “Rate My Poke Plush”. It’s from the […]

The Distortion World

By Anonymous A very lonely place in the Pokemon world. A mere mirror of the world. Nobody inhabits this place except for Giratina. Anything could happen in the Distortion World quite literally. In some cases, you’ll find yourself surfing on the ceiling. Or walking on the ceiling, or sideways! Who knows what could happen? Apparently […]

Several Pokemon That Should Never Have Been Made

By Jill/Redterror117 Though the main catch of the Pokemon franchise is ‘Gotta Catch Em All’, the majority of Pokemon that are caught are essentially never seen again, as they fulfill their purpose of the checklist system that the game is comprised of. And even though some are brought back out to the light to be […]

Pokemon Gamer Gift Guide

By Pokemon Professor A When birthdays and holidays come around, what do you get for Pokemon gamers who have all the Pokemon video games and more cards than they can carry? Just like Hello Kitty or Tokidoki, there are all kinds of Pokemon branded accessories to make your Poke-fanatic’s special occasion dreams come true. Organized […]

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