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Pokemon Desk Top Figures Series #2 Have Arrived

Series #2 of the Re-Ment Pokemon desk top figures have finally arrived. This time there was Eevee, Pikachu, Lapras, Jigglypuff, Blastoise, Venusaur, Charizard and Mewtwo.

Pokemon D-Arts Charizard, Mewtwo & Blastoise Figures

There is a new type of figure that was just released in Japan that is extremely popular. Its called a D-Arts figure. The figures are made by Bandai corporation. These figures are incredible. They are the most life-like Pokemon moveable figures that have been made. They have jointed limbs, so they can be posed in […]

How to Collect Pokemon Figurines

By Jill/Redterror117 Since having escalated in popularity worldwide, the Pokemon franchaise has been able to produce many different sorts of products. From games, to shows, to cards, and even toys, there are all different kinds of items that can be sought and collected as a hobby. Apart from one of the more obvious collectables (being […]

Pokemon Collection (Part 2) – Figures

By Brandon Yeo Action figures are probably the most common thing you would see at a toys shop (for kids?). But there is nothing childish about collecting them, so the next time someone points out you’re too old for collecting figures, tell them otherwise. This would be especially applicable to me since I started collecting […]

Pokemon Fifth Generation Tomy Figures

By Emily Tomy figures are almost synonymous with Pokemon – they’re one of the longest running series of Pokemon merchandise. Ever since the days of Red, Blue, and Green we’ve had these small plastic figures, and almost every character has one. People from the first era of Pokemon can usually recall the somewhat white-washed figures […]

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