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Bootleggers run rampant at Canadian Comic Convention

My friend sent me this video this morning from a comic convention in Canada. It makes me really sad to watch it. So many people are getting ripped off and they dont even know it. Some people think bootlegs are cute and cheap. Yes, some are cute, some are not, but most are bad or […]

Fake Vs Real Japanese Takara Tomy Umbreon How To Tell The Difference

Last week I bought an Umbreon plush toy on what I thought was a reliable website. Unfortunately as it turned out I was very disappointed. When I purchased the Umbreon, the seller told me to be patient as it was coming from overseas. Overseas? I am in Japan. Why would a Japanese Umbreon plushie come […]

Tips To Buy And Collect Pokemon Plushes

By Jill/Redterror117 Cards are not the only thing that can be collected nowadays, plushes and figurines also being items of interest for collectors. However depending on where you live, the process of building up a collection can be either quite easy, or more of a challenge. When it comes to collecting Pokemon plushes, I have […]

Beware Of Bootleg Pokemon Cards!

By TokoyamiTheDark Each time there’s a huge success over something, merchandise come right away. Books, toys, magasines etc… but with most big hits, unfortunately comes bootleg/pirated stuff. And what I’ll be talking about is about Fake TCG cards. Many people get fooled and buy fake cards, since the price is a lot cheaper and that […]

How To Spot Fake Pokemon Cards

By Carl00456 I recently bought over two hundred Pokemon cards from a person at a local car-boot sale. It cost me £10, which I thought was worth it for the amount and rarity of the cards. I went home happy until my brother explained to me that some of them were fake. I counted the […]

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